News & Releases


We are proud to announce two next releases :

  • 3 ways split with our buddies from WHORESNATION and DEAD INSTRUMENT, the shit will be a 12” one side, artwork by Luis from Teething! More infos soon. Will be available on EveryDayHate, Bones Brigade Recs, IFeelGood Recs and Amertume Recs.
  • Discography from 2009 to 2016 called “Discocrappy”, CD release on Bones Brigade Records.

We also asked to Simon COLD MIND to change a little bit our logo, you can find it in MEDIAS tab!



Sleepy period for us…
We’re still working on next 3 ways split with Whoresnation/Dead Instrument, and the split 5” with ACxDC will be released soon.
Next gigs this summer : Anti National Fest, Chimpy Fest and Fekal Party, see you there!