NEWS !!!

After 2 years of website news silence, we have to announce that a new release is coming. 10 tracks EP on vynil, more infos soon !!!

In one week we will play at NEURONOISE FEST with a lot of friends in RENNES city (France) :



Merch : Bundles available!


We made some bundles :

1 Cap + 1 Tshirt + 1 Split 7” w/ Lycanthrophy + 1 backpatch + 1 patch + 1 badge + stickers

Check it :

Thanks for support!

Back from Tour !!

So… We’re back from Japan since two weeks now.
Pretty hard to describe how we feel. Even if we’re in three differents cities in france, we have the same feelings that we have a lot to learn from others cultures all over the world. Especially about respect and humility.
Thanks a lot to every people we met during those two lovely weeks across Japan, promoters, sound engineers, venues, managers and owners, new and old friends, amazing people, bands we’ve met for giving us the opportunity to tour in japan. They allowed us to discover japanese people and a really few of their culture.
Thank you so much Naru Obliteration recs, Naoki from Moonstep, Kenta & geropetoro, Wada Yusuke & zagio evha dilegj, Iida Kouhei from Fm Stage, Yukari & Uterus, Sean toshi, Nicolas Michel & Retortion Terror, Sano & Birushana, Tetsuya Okada, Jon from Peak Action, Yusuke Adachi, Shigy from El Puente, Ryohei & Final Exit / Su19b, PanQ, Shingo Maeda, Nola, Sete Star Sept, Self deconstruction, Fuck on The Beach and all bands we played with!
We will update our merch place soon with all stuff we have in stock : Tshirts, caps, patches & backpatch, badges, and few hoodies…



Our Discography called “DISCOCRAPPY” will be out soon, and available on our Japan tour.

It contains tracks below :

1>15 / Self-titled LP 12”
16>28 / Vultures are our Future 10”
29>32 / Split 7” with THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN
33>36 / Split 7” with LYCANTHROPHY
37>38 / Split 5” with ACxDC
39>42 / Unreleased tracks
43 / Spazzin’ the oldies (tribute to Spazz compilation)
44>55 / First raw demo
56 / Live at délémont @ Grinding delemont 2013

You can pre-order now on Bones Brigade Recs :

News & Releases


We are proud to announce two next releases :

  • 3 ways split with our buddies from WHORESNATION and DEAD INSTRUMENT, the shit will be a 12” one side, artwork by Luis from Teething! More infos soon. Will be available on EveryDayHate, Bones Brigade Recs, IFeelGood Recs and Amertume Recs.
  • Discography from 2009 to 2016 called “Discocrappy”, CD release on Bones Brigade Records.

We also asked to Simon COLD MIND to change a little bit our logo, you can find it in MEDIAS tab!