Back from tour…

Back from the tour with WHORESNATION. We had a really great time, probably the best tour we ever made. We’ve met a lot of nice people and seen so many good friends and a lot of good bands! Big Up to Livstid, Captain Caveman, Final Exit and The KILL.
Thanks to all the people who have been setting up shows, sleeping places, cooked us some fat and spicy dishes. And a Huge thanks to everyone who gave us some weed, the only way to see a good Chiens gig! Will I Feel Good and Mika Witch Bukkake for supporting us during this week.

And obviously, a HUGE Hi-Five to our buddies from WHORESNATION, real friends in life and best band in tour and in our heart. We did it bro’, and we’ll do it again!
Friendship and Grind Violence. Langose and NoTurbo. Hate to Zetoun.

tour WxNx 1 tour WxNx 2


Sale histoire Tour /w Whoresnation – be ready!

Our european tour with Whoresnation will start on Saturday ! Come on!

07/12 – Hradec Kralove (CZ) Play fast or dont festival
07/13 – Budapest (HU) Művelődési Szint (Müszi)
07/14 – Krakow (PL) Kawiarnia Naukowa – Wydarzenia
07/15 – Praha (CZ) MusicClub Modrá Vopice
07/16 – Brno (CZ) Vegalite
07/17 – Trutnov (CZ) @ Obscene Extreme Festival
07/18 – Halle (DE) Reil 78
07/19 – Frankfurt (DE) Exzess


FB Event :

Merch for the tour :

Save a child, kill a priest t-shirt
Boys : S / M / L / XL / XXL for each color — Girls : S / M / L



Split tape with SixBrewBantha

split live tape SBB

10” gatefold Vultures are our future

Vultures are our Future 10'' Gatefold Album

7” split with Lycanthrophy !

cover split lycanthrophy


Hats white

Hats black





See ya!

Shit happened

Hi every body…So the Lycanthrophy/Chiens is out but…..I have very bad news again about normal black copies,

Apparently some of these records are pressed with bad bands above.
Check it, look around the label/central circle, it must be engraved IFG055, if it’s engraved MOTORPOOL you have wrong copies and it isn’t engraved with CHIENS and LYCANTHROPHY bands…

The pressing plant is the worst one, be sure we’ll do some good promotion about’em. So if you’ve bought some shitty 7″, please tell us, we’ll do what we have to do.

We’re really sorry, but the first copies in the pack was good, we didn’t see the shit….

Some news!

Here you can check the FB events pages for each gigs, and for the tour :

Event page :

07/12 – Hradec Kralove (CZ) Play fast or dont festival

07/13 – Budapest (HU) Művelődési Szint (Müszi)

07/14 – Krakow (PL) Kawiarnia Naukowa – Wydarzenia

07/15 – Praha (CZ) MusicClub Modrá Vopice

07/16 – Brno (CZ) Boro Klub

07/17 – Trutnov (CZ) @ Obscene Extreme Festival

07/18 – Germany – TBC

07/19 – Frankfurt (DE) Exzess




Some new merch will be available :
– Reedit of “Kill a priest” tshirt in several colors,
– New split 7” CHIENS / LYCANTHROPHY in black wax or black transparent wax
– New live split tape CHIENS / SIX BREW BANTHA
cover split lycanthrophy



inside split lycanthrophy









split live tape SBB









Also we’ll bring stuff like stickers / badges and few last copies of our 10” “Vultures are our future” !!!

See ya on tour buddies!!

Website Updated and News

GIGS and SOUNDS pages were updated. Now the 10” Vultures are our Future is on Bandcamp! Check it HERE

Artwork cover and inside are done for the next LYCANTHROPHY / CHIENS split !!! Finally!!!
We’ll send it this week to press… Thank you for your patience…

Don’t forget the next tour with our friends from DOOMSISTERS, WHORESNATION and WARFUCK !!